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The Remembered Past

Creative Writing Services specializes in assisting you to record your personal memoir or family history.

Mature people often allow the heritage of their life-and-times to be lost and forgotten. They fail to realize that “everyone’s life is interesting.” The legacy of personal history is a most important gift to your family and to yourself.

Frankly, it’s tough to write unassisted about your own roots and family values. I have developed a unique service which helps you to preserve your family’s wealth of memories, stories, and factual information. The process is creative and inspiring.

Through sensitive listening, experienced interviewing, and skillful writing, I help to create a narrative that is interesting and easy to read. Thus, oral history is preserved for children and grandchildren.

Your remembered past need not be lost!

About Gaines Steer

Gaines Steer lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He holds a Master’s Degree (M.Ed.) from Springfield College in Massachusetts and is a member of the North Carolina Writers’ Network and the National Association of Personal Historians.

His previous posts include: Feature Journalist with Southern Maryland’s The Beacon and The Maryland Independent; Research Consultant for Educational Alternatives of Maryland, Incorporated; Project Director for Social Dynamics, Incorporated, a Boston-based consulting firm; Psychological Counselor at the University of Maryland, Baltimore; English Instructor, Elon College.

Gaines Steer leads seminars on “Memoir Writing Assistance: Leaving a Legacy.”


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